Jueves, 17 Diciembre, 2015 - 12:45

Jordi Puigneró highlights the importance of the Catalan technological companies for Catalonia's positioning in the IT field.

The General Manager of the Generalitat of Catalonia's Telecommunications and Information Society, Jordi Puigneró, visited the facilities of ILIMIT this morning. A Catalan company, located in Terrassa, leading management services in the cloud.

Puigneró is commited to the technological revolution and highlights the role of the country's businesses that provide technological services as a value of capital and proximity.
He has explained the strong commitment made by the department to position the country in the field of technology "we would like to turn Catalonia and Barcelona in a small Silicon Valley" and recalled the role of the industrial revolution in Terrassa today applied to technology sector " we are now experiencing another revolution, the digital revolution of the XXI century and it would convene that other companies like Ilimit, in Terrassa and ither in Vallès play and participate because it will be an important source of job opportunities. "
The managers of the company, Xavi Tobella and Xavi Martin, explained their experience in the telecommunications sector. Tobella emphasized the personalized service offered and specially that "Ilimit is betting for a strong cloud computing by designing new models that best fit each type of client. The combination of this service with the innovation of our R & D department can offer this service to large amount of companies and institutions. " He added that one of the differential values of the company are the managed services with a strong expertise in Free Systems Software "we are committed to continuous improvement in the integration of IT best practice standards such as ITIL or obtaining certifications. We have the ISO 20.000 in managed services of the cloud and we are in the process of obtaining ISO 27.001 focused on security systems"

This visit allowed to observe the evolution of the business of IT in the hands of the General Managemetn of Telecommunications who see an opportunity for growth and business, proximity and personalized service.